Another thing I dislike about this sick society is the attitude towards small children.

Firstly, today I’ve read an article which says: “I didn’t leave my son”. Of course you didn’t, you idiot, he is your son. You are not allowed to leave him even though he’s a low functioning autistic human being. You are a responsible adult, aren’t you? And if you can fuck, then you have to be prepare to suffer the consequences. There is always a chance that you may have a child with some disabilities and it’s your job to take care of your child! There is no need to highlight your liability! What about the parental love? Is it a myth? (You can be proud of how you cope with these obstacles but you definitely cannot be proud of not leaving your kid.)

Secondly, children are not adults’ property. I agree they should be led to do some house chores however you should ask them politely, say please and thank you, please. Thank you. No, no… house chores aren’t children’s duty only because they were born. Sorry, that’s not a tolerable argument. They didn’t want to be born, did they? Bear this in mind: if you long for respect from your kids, show it first. Regularly. Be gentle.


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