/ neurodivergent / ADHD / INTJ / synesthesia / alexythimia / sapiosexual / slytherin / chaotic neutral /


I asked a ‘friend’ of mine if she could describe me using only three words. And she replied: “(constantly) misunderstood bonehead”. I decided to use it for this blog.

If I belived in past lives – which I don’t – I would have to say: “I used to be an English man, most probably a psychopath”. Ups.

I adore everything English – the tea, the architecture, the language, the culture, the beautiful London and Harry Potter with Sherlock Holmes (but I’ve never seen all versions). Frankly, I feel like I’m a combination of Holmes siblings – Sherlock and Eurus.

People are usually afraid of me.

A very high IQ is a curse and a gift at once.


English is not my first language therefore mistakes/slips may appear. Sorry in advance.
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